About us

The Movement for Israeli Urbanism (R"A), was established in 2004 with the aim of changing the built urban environment in Israel, and providing a forum to promote the ideas of "New Urbanism".

MERCHAV promotes the understanding and importance of urbanism in Israel, to improve regional planning, and advocate for smart growth.

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Tools for urbanism

Mayors' Forum

In recognizing the enormous impact Mayors, the elected heads of municipal councils, have on urban planning, MERCHAV started the Mayors’ Forum in 2010. We have since invested a very significant portion of our activity in these workshops helping elected officials understand the fundamental principles and opportunities of urbanism.

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Language, tools and skills are the foundation for action. MERCHAV asserts that all who strives to promote urbanism, and surely all who aspire to improve the urban environment, can and should to be provided with appropriate tools. MERCHAV develops and organizes a wide variety of digital continued education courses, which offer an exposure to the course contents anytime and anywhere. Hundreds of decision makers in the public and private sectors have participated in the various MERCHAV courses to date. MERCHAV also offers live courses, which take place on Zoom, specially tailored to the needs of specific groups or organizations. These courses are taped for review and later use.

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Merhav operates in several channels

  • Trainings
  • Position Papers and Tools
  • public activity
  • Representing social and welfare organizations in planning committees
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