About MIU

MIU Believes in the Creation of Successful Urban Environments

MIU – Movement for Israeli Urbanism (Merhav) is a registered non-profit organization which includes more than 500 members, including: urban planners, architects, landscape architects, members of academia, community workers, economists, entrepreneurs, business people, transportation planners, environmental activists, sociologists, lawyers, appraisers, public sector workers and citizens who wish to transform the cities in Israel.

Israel has limited land and natural resources. It is among the densest countries of the western world. Yet, Israel has a planning policy that prefers new development and suburban sprawl to the reinforcement of its cities. This policy creates neglect of city centers, wasting of resources and increases in economic and social polarization within society.

MIU believes in the creation of successful urban environments which:

  • Are accessible for pedestrians and contain diverse uses.
  • Are based on a system of public transportation and encourage pedestrian and cycling movement.
  • Make efficient and ongoing use of land and structures.
  • Are planned with respect for the local community, cultures, climate and landscape.

The objective of MIU is to demonstrate that it is possible to lead the necessary changes in professional education and knowledge, policy making, planning, building processes and urban management.


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