MIU Movement for Israeli Urbanism

 MIU - Movement for Israeli Urbanism (Merhav)

Established in 2004, to Make a Change in the Urban Environment in Israel

The goals of Merhav’s activity through the 13 years of the organization’s existence are:

  •  Creating awareness and disseminating knowledge ‎
  •  Developing research based tools ‎ ‎
  • Changing urban planning policies ‎ ‎

During these years MIU raised issues relating to the promotion of urbanism into the professional public discourse (public urban space, densification of cities, tools for urbanism, local economic development, and the quality of urban life). Topics which previously were neither in the discourse nor in planning and government policy. The research we conducted in these areas, the position papers, conferences and seminars caused most of the professional authorities in the private and public sectors to begin dealing with these topics and to change their planning approach.

Today the discourse on urbanism in the municipalities, government offices and the academy is a result of the activities of MIU. The Mayor Institute project is considered by the mayors one of the leading professional projects in Israel and the proof is that 80 mayors who participated . the workshops then opened the door of their city to working together. MIU is the leading organization in all urbanism issues (social, economic and physical) in Israel.

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