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סיור יוזמות קרן אברהם בואדי ניסנאס
Abraham Fund visit with Residents of Wadi Nisnas
Residents of Wadi Nisnas Toward Equality and Coexistence
February 27, 2008

An initiative for urban innovation to turn Wadi Nisnas, which is home to mostly Muslims and Christians, into a center for shared society in Haifa was launched this week.  Thirty-five participants, among them residents of the Wadi, merchants, leading figures in the municipality, members of the Wadi Committee, planers, members of Merchav and the Social Development Committee of Haifa joined together to promote this initiative.  

It was the first meeting of a program, which aims to develop the Wadi, empower its residents and reduce the gaps between the Arab and Jewish neighborhoods of Haifa. During the first meeting, the needs and problems which demand immediate attention were identified. At its conclusion, task forces were established to promote the issues which were defined.

The Abraham Fund, MIU- The Movement for Israeli Urbanism and the Social Development Committee of Haifa participate in the initiative, which is executed in cooperation with the municipality of Haifa, local stakeholders and the public.

Participants meeting

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Participants meeting

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Site Tour for Members of the Israeli Programs Committee
March 05, 2008

The annual site visit for members of The Abraham Fund Initiatives Program Committees was held this week. This year, the tour focused on the need for equitable policies for mixed cities and on programs that promote equitable planning policies and education for a shared society. During the tour, The Abraham Fund's Program Committee members (representatives from the public and academic spheres) learned of the problems and challenges facing the Arab residents of Acre, efforts at urban renewal in Haifa’s Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, issues related to urbanization in Arab society and emerging Jewish-Arab young leadership.
On the way to Sakhnin, architect Tamar de la Zerda presented The Abraham Fund's partnership program for the urban renewal of Wadi Nisnas in Haifa. This innovative program, operated together with Merhav (MIU) - Movement for Israel Urbanism and the Social Development Committee of Haifa, works toward the socio-economic development of Wadi Nisnas and its transformation into a vibrant urban center for Jews and Arabs. The program engages neighborhood residents in the development of plans that will meet their needs based on collaboration and dialogue with stakeholders, including the Haifa Municipality.

for the full article visit the Abraham Fund website

Abraham Fund visit in Wadi Nisnas with the MIU



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