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MIU – who needs it, and why?  Seminar Room

The Movement for Israeli Urbanism: MIU's Charter and the differences from the Congress of New Urbanism in the US and the Council of European Urbanism - Dr. Yodan Rofè, MIU Board member and Ben Gurion University

Cities in Israel – the Challenge - Arch. Dror Gershon, MIU Board member



New Urbanism in the Israeli Context  Seminar Room

Chair: Dr. Haia Jamschi, MIU Board member

New Urbanism as a Strategy of Urban Renaissance - Prof. Naomi Carmon, Urban and Regional Planning, Technion

Starting from where other are at: New Urbanism in Arab Towns in Israel - Dr. Raseem Hamaisi, Haifa University

Respondent: Prof. Oren Yiftachel, Ben-Gurion University

Transportation in Support of Urbanity   Room 21

Chair: Eng. David Smith, PGL

Factors Encouraging Switch from Private Car to Public Transit - Dan Rader, Transportation Research Institute

The Effects of Reduced Parking Standards on Land Use in DowntownsDr. Karel Martens, Transportation Today and Tommorow.

Bicycles and the City: Insights from Tel- Aviv Daniel Robinson and Dr. Daniel Mishori, Tel-Aviv For Bikes

Public Participation in Urban Renaissance  Room 24

Chair: Shlomit Yarkoni, MIU Board Member

What's between Public Participation and Bridging and Consensus Building in Planning ProcessesAmitai Harlev, Mekomot – Institute for Environmental Bridging

Approaches to Urban Renovation and their implementation in Tel-AvivProf. Eli Stern, Svivotichnun and Ben Gurion Univ.

Real or Imagined Conflicts: Planners views on Public Participation in Planning Processes Erella Hamilton, Tel-Aviv Univ.

A New Urban Look at Projects in Beer-Sheva  Room 34

Chair: Arch. Carlos Drinberg, Ministry of Construction and Housing

Ragher Avenue – Arch. Kalman Katz

3 Architects on the Old City of Beer-Sheva –

Arch. Arieh Rahamimov

Arch. David Guggenheim

Arch. Ari Avrahami





Parallel Sessions


Coffee Break



Thinking It Over – Beer-Sheva as a Case Study   Auditorium

Chair: Arch. Tzvi Tal-Yosef, formerly Chief Engineer of Beer-Sheva

The Planning History of Beer-Sheva – Prof. Yehuda Grados, Ben Gurion Univ.

Beer-Sheva as it could have beenArch. Hillel Shocken and Students from Tel-Aviv University

 Open Floor Discussion


Looking to tomorrow, presentation of the planning charettes on Beer-Sheva's Neighborhoods and the New Train Station – Arch. Dror Gershon



Tools of New Urbanism – Examples from India and the US

Dhiru Thadani, Ayers Saint Gross, Architects and Planners


Lunch Break



Renewing Commerce in City Centers   Seminar Room

Chair: Tamir Ben Shachar, Board Member MIU

Ways for improving the Machne Yehuda Market – Eli Mizrahi, Machne Yehuda Market Council

Rehabilitation of Jerusalem's City Center, Theory and PracticeAssaf Vitman, Director General, Eden Co.

The Needs of Consumer Chains in Downtowns -  Yaron Dor, Director General, Newfarm

Transportation in Support of Urbanity   Room 35

Chair: Prof. Yoram Shiftan, Hatechnion

Breaking the Link between Transportation and Urban Growth Prof. Yoram Shiftan

Master Plan for Mass Transit in the TA Metropolitan AreaEng. Benny Shalita and Arch. Yaffa Shachar NTA

Transportation to the Beach and Urban Renaissance – Ronit Fisher, SPNI Haifa Chapter

Respondent: Rebbeca Shliselberg, PGL

Green New Urbanism   Room 24

Chair: Galiah Ben-Shoham, Ministry of the Environment

Urban Public Open Spaces, Statutory AspectsIris Hahn and Amit Shapira, SPNI

Social Processes and the Creation of Community GardensDr. Ahuva Windsor, Kibbutzim Seminar

Nature in the City Amir Balaban, Jerusalem Bird Research Station

Documenting and Conserving Mature Trees Israel Galon, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Community and the Law  Room 21

Chair: Adv. Anat Biran

Towards a Better Future for Communities: property rights and public goods  Dr. Amnon Lehavi, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzeliyah

Democratization of Planning: between possibilities and Reality

Adv. Anat Biran

Adv. Roee Bar

Directions of New Urbanism – a discussion of projects  Room 24

Chair: Arch Moshe Adam, MIU

The Place Where the Present Proceeds the Future – Arch. Yair Avigdor

Ramot C, an Urban Quarter for Beer-ShevaArch. Yehiel Korin

A Different Center for Netanya Arch. Moshe Atzmon

Parallel Sessions


Coffee Break



Learning from the World – Projects of New and European Urbanism 


Chair: Dr. Yodan Rofè, MIU Board Member and Ben Gurion University

From the Ideal to the Real: The Urbanism of Torti, Gallas and PartnersArch. Neal Payton

Strategies and Methods for Renewing Cities of the Industrial Age – Dr. Harald Kegler, Vice-Chair, CEU

Urban Renaissance as an Alternative to Slab-Urbs for European Cities – Prof. Gabriele Tagliaventi, AVOE and Arch. Luigi Mollo, University of Naples II




Cocktail   Lobby and Auditorium



Opening:      Arch. Irit Solzi-Shelef, MIU Chair

Address: Mr. Jacob Turner, Mayor of Beer-Sheva

                 Prof. Avishai Braverman, President, Ben Gurion Univesrsity of the Negev

                 Mr. Shraga Weisman, Director General, Ashdar

                 Mr. Tzvi Wiseler, Chair of Neighborhood Councils Forum

 Lecture:  New Urbanism as a World Movement

In the wake of Katrina – Urban Planning Charettes for the Renewal of Mississipy Towns

with 250 City Planners from the US and Europe

Dhiru Thadani, Ayers Saint Gross, Architects and Planners and board member of the CNU

«   Conference program  is subject to change

                Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Gathering and Breakfast



Social and Environmental EnterpreneurshipIsabel Maxwell, IVN Foundation

The Charette's Projects and the Day's ScheduleOfer Lerner


Projects in the Neighborhoods and Vicinity of the Charette Areas

o     Urban Renewal of A Neighborhood – Arch. Rami Marash and Gadish Co. 

o     Plan for Student Housing and Train Station Area

o     The First Neighborhoods' Axis – Arch Liora Miron


A pedestrian path connecting between people in A and B neighborhoods

Workshop moderated by Joel Segal

A center and public garden for B neighborhood


Workshop moderated by Ofer Lerner

The University Train Station and the connection to Ramot and C Neighborhood

Workshop moderated by Amitai Har-Lev


Lunch Break


Lecture : Between Public Participation and Cooperation: on participants, collaborators and partners in planning processes – Arch. Yoav Weinberg, Bimkom


A pedestrian path connecting between people in Alef and Beit neighborhoods

Workshop moderated by Joel Segal

A center and public garden for Beit neighborhood


Workshop moderated by Ofer Lerner

The University Train Station and the connection to Ramot and Gimel Neighborhoods

Workshop moderated by Amitai Har-Lev


Presentation of Workshop Results: Joel Segal, Ofer Lerner and Amitai Har-Lev


Other Events

Sunday, December 11

From morning until 16:00: Public Murals – My City

with students of local art classes and guests

19:00 Dinner with Guest Lecturers – all are welcome

Monday, December 12 

A  tour to get to know Beer-Sheva. Exact hour will be posted. Anyone interested in joining one of the other events, please note your interest on your registration form

«   Conference program is subject to change