MIU Movement for Israeli Urbanism

Creating sustainable and humane cities and communities in Israel

We, the members of the MIU – Movement for Israeli Urbanism, strive to improve the quality of urban life in Israel and actively promote the development of a sustainable and humane urban environment in Israel.

We founded MIU in order to improve the quality of urban life in Israel by:

  • People-oriented planning that prevents deterioration and atrophy of cities
  • Promoting sustainable local development that enhances opportunities
  • Advocating for democratic planning processes

MIU is part of the community of "environmental organizations" in Israel; yet,

MIU is the only organization that focuses on changing the urban built environment, and which works to develop the necessary professional and practical tools for making this transformation.
MIU enrolls the planning and development community in making a difference by implementing a holistic planning approach.

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