Board of Directors

עוזי שמיר

Uzi Shamir – Shamir Consultants Active Chair of the Board

Board Member at MIU, instructor & a guided at the Mayors’ Institute of MIU. Owner of Shamir Consultants – strategic consulting and real estate project management. Formerly the Director of the Galilee District in the Ministry of Construction and Housing & a lieutenant colonel in the IDF. He studied Middle East’s history and political science at the University of Haifa and graduated from the Public and Social Policy Program of the Joint Distribution Committee and the JDC of senior civil service officials.

Irit Solzi

Irit Solzi, Co-Founder

An architect and urban planner, co-founder of MIU & the Mayors’ Institute, a BA in Architecture and Town Planning, from the Technion. She is a partner in "Irit Solzi Dror Gershon Urban Architects" since 1987, that mainly plans urban renewal, including renewal of urban plans in local authorities, city centers and charrette planning processes. One of the founders of the "Merhav – Movement for Urbanism in Israel" served as the chairperson of the organization's board of directors during the first 10 years of the association. Lectures on urbanism in Israel and abroad, responsible for managing and charrettes, conducting professional workshops with public planners.


Prof Zeev Drokman, Academic Manager

An Israeli architect,  former head the master's program for architecture and urban design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Zeev graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. From 1971, starting as a member of the planning team by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, later on as Chief Architect in the Northern District of the Ministry and finally served as Head of the team for the development of experimental projects in the Planning and Engineering Department until 1987. Representative of Israel in the International Architects Association U.I.A. In the work group for educational and cultural institutions.


Prof David Guggenheim

B.Arch & Master in Urban Planning from the Technion, at 1983 David established an architectural partnership with Alex Bloch R.I.P, that as a conceptual concept of planning of comprehensive space -, provide planning services from urban design, through architecture, conservation, landscape architecture to interior design. From the mid-eighties, Prof. Guggenheim teaches architecture, today, he teaches master's programs in urban design at Bezalel.


צביה אפרתי

Zvia Efrati

Holds a BA in Geography and Urban Planning, an MA in Public Policy from Harvard University, and a certified real estate appraiser. Ztvia teaches the programing and planning guidelines course at the Institute for Urban Studies in the Hebrew University. Serves in comities at the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Construction & the Ministry of Finance. A public representative in the Committee for the Selection of real estate appraisers. Member of the Board of Directors of Shaham Mekorot and a member of the Gvolot Committee.

רענן כספין

Raanan Caspin

Artist and designer. Raanan has BA & MA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, founder and owner of Shigan Studio, that its main work on designs for public places. Active in the public space since 2013. Raanan: "A rather diverse group of people, motivated by the desire to improve the public space, that are motivated to cooperate in the interest of general interest, is not a common phenomenon in the world of the profit we live in. What is more important than improving the urban space, the space surrounding us and creating a better place for us, and those who will follow us? "


Ela Alexandroni

Graduated from the Haifa University  withe an MA in Education and a BA in Geography, Ella had a long career in The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), from which in the last 8 years had been a the Community Director of the SPNI in Haifa and it's surrounding. on top of MIU Mrs. Alexandroni is now involved in developing a new NPO "The Forum for Israeli Urbanizm". She brings to MIU a vast knowledge of field's work in an environmental NPO management, the ability to lead complex organizational processes, working in combination with the public, business and civil sectors and familiarity with the various players in the urban area.


Gali Froined 

Gali a graduate student in Urban and Regional Planning at the Technion, and a research assistant on the subject of "Traffic Fairness and Freedom of Movement". She had served as a community organizer in the Green Course and established the "Sustainable Urbanism" cell. Mrs. Froined brings to MIU a younger prospective on  urbanism and environmental activism.


Ilan Klinger

Holds a BSc in Civil Engineering, Ilan is a Senior Traffic Consultant at PGL specializing in management and planning of comprehensive treatment, traffic arrangements, bicycle paths planning, signage systems, traffic management in city centers, parking planning, planning support, Planning of traffic arrangements, infrastructure consulting for private entrepreneurs, government and military. Ilan is one of the founders of MIU and this is his second time as a board member of MIU.


Ishay Levi

 an M.Urb.Des student , a certified art and architecture teacher, and holds a BA in Architecture and Interior Design. Mr. Levi is the urban planner of the Har Homa neighborhood, Har Nof neighborhoods, Lev Ha'Ir and the Jerusalem Center Center, the Jewish Quarter and Morasha (Musrara). He is the District Commissioner for Accessibility – the accessibility commission under the Ministry of Justice, the architect of the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of Jerusalem. He was formerly Elad city municipal engineer, The Dean of the Architecture and Interior Design Program, the Haredi Center for Vocational Training. Ishay:"As an urban designer in Jerusalem I had learned that the most excerpt designer in the filed is the: Local Community."


Liat Izakov Ben-Shitrit

As a graduate of the Cooper Union and the Technion Liat specializes in the strategic planning of urban buildup and regeneration processes.An adviser to monucipal authorities on the process of urbanization and renewal, helping decision makers to examine these processes in a comprehensive and strategic manner in order to identify means to increase the quality of life expected in the planned neighborhoods. In 2016 she had completed a groundbreaking study, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense and the architect Ari Cohen, on tools for implementing mixed uses in Israel.


Michael J. Weil

Until latly Micheal was the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, taking the lead on New Orleans’s Jewish Community’s strategic planning process of rebuilding and renewal and spearheaded its flagship program to recruit and engage young Jews to New Orleans.Weil spent the previous four years in Jerusalem as a policy research fellow at the prestigious global Jewish think tank — the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI), chaired by US former Under Secretary of State Dennis Ross.

מרחב בפייסבוק